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There is much in common among the cities cf Nagasaki, Kobe, Yokohama, Hakodate. All are port cities surrounded by hills with exotic locales and traces of westernization evident in much of the architecture,foreigners'cemeteries,and many Christian churches.With the exception of Hakodate,each city also has a Chinatown.Although still unknown to many,Kawaguchi of Osaka and Tsukiji of Tokyo are the western cultural birthplaces.Let's visit their past !


Books on the settlement of westerners,late Tokugawa period and Meiji diplomatic relations

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handwritten images and maps of settlements in Japan An old map of from the early Meiji period.

Let's take a walk through the historic districts and take a look at the modern architecture .j

Nagasaki ( completion in1870. The area is divided into approximately 6 districts. There was not much of a commercial development.)

Kobe@(self-government was run by the foreigners.) We can see photoes of foreigner's houses and of excellent buildings of Kobe lost in the Great Hanshin Earthquake)

Osaka(Kawaguchi) (from the commercial district to a church, a school, a town of church missionaries such as a hospital) You can see some historical items.

Yokohama@@( the biggest one of the settlement in Japan which lies in Yamashita (Kannai) and Yamate.) The red brick warehouse /Reference books

Tokyo(Tsukiji) (Tsukiji did not develop for Kaiichijyo but for legations or consulates, mission headquarters / churches / schools)

Hakodate@(Hakodate was occupied by both Japanese and foreigners with titularity )

Niigata@@(There was no actual foreign settlement, but there was some western influence.)

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‘ Japan concluded the treaty of Syukotsusyo with a settlement among U.S.A., Netherlands, Russia, U.K.and France in 1858 (Ansei 5) after Japan-U.S. sum pro-treaty conclusion for four years. Japan opened a port of next year, Kanagawa (Yokohama) / Nagasaki, Hakodate. And she opened a port of Hyogo (Kobe) / Niigata in 1868 (Keio 3), and Kaiichi did Osaka / Tokyo. It was a settlement there with that was installed, and it was a special ward for the residence and commerce of a foreigner of a treaty conclusion country. The settlement and the neighboring mixed-residence quarter became one of a foothold of Japanese modern times. (I extract it more partly than pictorial record in Kobe Municipal Museum "Kobe / Yokohama "civilization story" exhibition" (1999)

The timeline of Nagasaki settlement spans from the late Tokugawa period (1857) to the beginning of Meiji after the Kobe settlement from Meiji 20's to the Taisho era early days,

The development of a building at a position of a settlement of Yokohama was completed from the Taisho era after became the back, and destroyed completely by the Great Kanto Earthquake to the Showa early days .

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